The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) maintains six key committees to help inform and guide ACRO’s legislative, policy, and outreach strategies. These committees include:

  • The Communications Committee, which shapes ACRO’s strategic messaging and public statements regarding the value of high-quality, safe clinical research. The committee helps ACRO educate the public, provides outreach to key stakeholders and the media, and oversees educational events. The 2016 Committee Chair is Ned Glascock of PPD.
  • The Ethics and Regulatory Compliance Committee, which leads ACRO’s regulatory advocacy efforts in the United States, especially engagement with the FDA. The Committee helps develop industry standards and best practices; directs collaborative, public-private initiatives; and meets regularly with biopharmaceutical leaders, regulators, health officials, peer associations, academic groups and others. The 2016 Committee Chair is Joe Fortunato of inVentiv Health Clinical.
  • The Legal and Government Affairs Committee, which is chaired by the ACRO Secretary and made up of General Counsels from all our member companies, the ACRO Executive Director, and other designees. The committee advises ACRO on public policy, legislation and regulation, and advocacy activities of ACRO staff. The 2016 Committee Chair is Judd Hartman of PPD.
  • The EU Scientific and Regulatory Committee, which advises ACRO on policy and regulation impacting clinical research throughout Europe. The committee builds relationships with European colleague associations and with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), European Commission and other EU regulatory authorities on issues such as the Clinical Trials Regulation. The committee also engages in country-specific regulatory issues. The 2016 Committee Chair is Derek Johnston of Covance.
  • The Global Data Protection and Privacy Committee, which engages in collaborative initiatives with public-private consortiums and other organizations, and meets regularly with biopharmaceutical leaders, regulators and data protection authorities, peer associations, academic groups and other stakeholders. The Committee also monitors and responds to country-specific data protection and privacy regulatory issues.
  • The Global Tax Policy Committee, which advises ACRO on tax policies that impact clinical research and works to implement common operational practices to streamline tax reporting and administration. The 2016 Committee Chair is Michael Gleeson of ICON.