Globalization White Paper

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Globalization White Paper

This report analyzes the current state of global clinical research and the role that biopharmaceutical companies and their clinical research organization (CRO) partners play in ensuring that the dual goals of trial safety and quality are met.

With the changing landscape for CROs, the report has several key findings:

  • Global trials speed drug development - The report concludes that globalized trials can reduce development time by half while lowering costs and maintaining quality and safety.
  • Research quality standards must be met worldwide - The report found that trials in emerging countries, such as China and India, are subject to the same standards as those conducted in the U.S. and Western Europe.
  • Clinical research improves local economies - Clinical research offers huge advantages for host countries, including an influx of advanced equipment, trained personnel and high-paying jobs.
  • Emerging market equals growth market - CRO activity in Central European countries, South Korea and Taiwan is very robust, medical infrastructures are advanced and capabilities are just about on par with Western Europe.

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