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Policy Views

ACRO’s global advocacy program is focused around a set of core principles:

  1. Secure a consistent, stable regulatory environment to support the continued globalization of clinical research
  2. Protect the safety of research participants globally
  3. Expand participation in clinical trials by physician investigators and volunteers; special emphasis on minority and special populations
  4. Ensure ease of access to data necessary to conduct research while considering patient privacy
  5. Promote industry participation in comparative effectiveness research
  6. Encourage health information technology policies that include consideration of medical research needs
  7. Advance policies that encourage innovation in pharmaceutical, biologic and regenerative medicine development
  8. Support a strong FDA with expanded resources in the areas of regulatory science and international operations
  9. Support the EMA and European Commission in their efforts to advance GCP compliance and enhance international inspection regimes
  10. Oppose conflict of interest policies that unduly restrict research and innovation
  11. Further efforts to promote translational research through NIH and other government-funded bodies

Testimony & Comments

ACRO members actively participate in legislative and industry events that concern drug development. The testimonies and presentations below highlight our actions at these events.

June 29, 2012
Nationwide Health Information Network Comments
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April 20, 2012
FDA Testimony on Clinical Trials Modernization
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