Key issues

Global Competitiveness

Drug development and the field of clinical research are an increasingly global enterprise. ACRO members conduct clinical trials in more than 115 countries, representing a significant portion of medical research—and it is by expanding our global reach that we are able to advance the research process to develop new, life-saving drugs that benefit hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Quick Facts about Globalization

  • An ever-increasing proportion of clinical research is performed outside the U.S. and Western Europe.
  • Most notably, clinical research efforts are on the rise especially in countries with large, accessible populations like India and China.
  • Accessing a global population of 6.8 billion people for participation in clinical trials significantly speeds the development process, sometimes cutting the cycle in half.
  • As biopharmaceutical companies look to develop new markets in emerging countries, global clinical research trials become even more of a necessity to meet regulatory requirements.

Given these global developments, ACRO supports increased funding for the FDA and EMA to conduct international inspections and to ensure compliance with International Conference on Harmonization’s Good Clinical Practices guidelines.

The Importance of Globalization

  • Global trials speed drug development, reducing development time by half while lowering costs and maintaining quality and safety.
  • ACRO’s involvement in the globalization of clinical research trials helps ensureemerging countries, such as China and India, are subject to the same standards as those conducted in the U.S. and Western Europe.
  • Clinical research improves local economies and benefits local communities by introducing an influx of advanced equipment, trained personnel and high-paying jobs.
  • Globalization of research also supports the development of an innovator health care system to benefit local populations.