Key issues

Legislation & Regulation

Legislative and regulatory policy decisions can have a tremendous impact on our ability to ensure the safety, efficiency, and quality of clinical research.   That’s why ACRO engages around the world on important issues affecting drug development. Working with national and global agencies, we support a positive legislative, business and regulatory environment for clinical research to spur the development of new, life-saving drugs and medical devices.

ACRO is committed to securing a stable regulatory environment to support the continued globalization of clinical research by:

  • Protecting the safety and privacy of research participants, and expanding participation in clinical trials by physician investigators and volunteers.
  • Ensuring ease of access to data necessary to conduct research, and encouraging health information  technology policies that include consideration of medical research needs.
  • Advancing policies that encourage innovation in pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device development.
  • Advocating for tax, trade, and business policies that support a competitive environment to spur innovation.
  • Promoting translational research—in which basic scientific findings can be used to help develop  new drugs, devices, and treatment options—through government-funded bodies.
  • Opposing policies that unduly restrict research and innovation in the clinical research and drug-development process.

ACRO has a history of providing comprehensive, meaningful, and insightful input to clinical research regulatory policy. This input has helped set us apart as a voice for the CRO industry and leaders in shaping policy. Our complete history of regulatory comments on both United States and European Union policy is fully available.

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