Legislation & Regulation

Legislation and Regulation on a Global Scale

  ACRO engages legislative bodies and regulatory agencies worldwide on behalf of our member companies.  Our goal is to advance the fields of clinical research and drug development by educating policymakers about the value of clinical research and the importance of protecting patients and participants.

We support the continued globalization of clinical research and the drug development process, and are actively involved in pushing global agencies forward to create a more positive environment for our member companies, the clients they support, and the patients we are all working to protect.

Some of the major global efforts ACRO engages in include:

  • Working with the FDA on new guidelines for drug development in the United States
  • Reworking the Clinical Trials Directive in Europe
  • Shaping emerging regulation of clinical research in India and China

No matter what the issue or where it is emerging, ACRO works to support fair and consistent regulations that promote clinical research while protecting the safety of research participants.   

Read more about ACRO’s legislative and regulatory policy goals: