Key issues

Patient Safety

Protecting Participant Safety

First and foremost, ACRO and our member companies are committed to ensuring the safety of research participants and patients.  Protecting patient and participant safety is just as important as ensuring the integrity of data gleaned from clinical research trials.

As we continue to lead the globalization of research trials and drug development, ACRO members:

  • Work to promote the development of strong regulatory oversight in countries where clinical trials take place.
  • Invest heavily in clinical staff training, education, and advanced technologies and equipment.  We make these investments not only to facilitate the clinical research process, but also to improve and expand access to higher-quality health care.
  • Lead efforts to promote and adhere to the International Council on Harmonization’s Good Clinical Practice guidelines for clinical trials.  The ethical and legal codes governing medical practice also apply to clinical research trials, which is why most research trials are federally regulated with built-in safeguards to protect patients and participants.

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