Value of CROs


Clinical Research Organizations:  Encouraging Innovation

By advocating for safe, high-quality medical research on a global scale, ACRO members and other clinical research organizations help advance policies that encourage innovation in pharmaceutical, biologic and medical device development.

Partnering with biopharmaceutical companies, CROs are helping find innovative solutions to minimize costs while increasing efficiencies to bring new, life-saving drugs, treatments, therapies, or medical devices to the market faster than ever before.

Our members are leaders in new technologies that promote speed, efficiency and quality in the development process. Likewise, our members are rapidly introducing and adopting new process improvements, like quality-by–design, adaptive trials, advanced statistical analysis, risk-based monitoring, patient recruitment strategies and site selection and training that enhance efficiency. From drug discovery services, through the development process, and continuing into market access and reimbursement strategies, CROs provide added value to research sponsors.

Globalization of clinical research is helping drive innovation for not only CROs, but for the entire drug development process.

ACRO and its member companies will continue to pursue and strengthen relationships with policy makers, regulatory bodies, and government officials or agencies worldwide to ensure the continued progress and advancement of safe, high-quality, innovative clinical trials.  We will also work to promote tax, trade and business policies that promote innovation.