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    February 2023 – ACRO Releases Summary RBQM Report

    • Risk-Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials: 2021 Update Summary Report

    January 2023 – ACRO Releases Latest RBQM Report

    • Risk-Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials: 2021 Update

    October 2022 – ACRO Expands DCT Toolkit With Change Management Resource

    • The Association of Clinical Research Organizations’ DCT Working Party releases the latest addition to its DCT Toolkit.

    September 2022 – ACRO & TransCelerate Issue Joint Statement

    • ACRO and TransCelerate co-released the statement, which includes, “points to consider when developing a Clinical Study Report (CSR) for a clinical trial that has been disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.”

    August 2022 – ACRO Releases D&I Principles Statement

    • ACRO’s D&I in Clinical Trials committee is proud to share ACRO’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Principles Statement

    July 2022 – ACRO Congressional Update on ADPPA

    • ACRO’s update on the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA)

    April 2022 – ACRO Celebrates 20 Years

    • Highlights from ACRO’s 20th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, DC

    March 2022 – ACRO Publishes Latest RBM Report

    • Risk-Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials: Increased Adoption Throughout 2020

    March 2022 – COVID-19 Lessons Learned

    • The Research Response To A Global Pandemic – Learning From What Went Well, And Not So Well

    July 2021 – Decentralized Clinical Trials Toolkit

    • Bringing the Trial to the Patient: A Quality-by-Design Manual for Decentralized Clinical Trials
    • QbD Manual for Decentralized Clinical Trials: The Quick Reference Guide
    • Decentralized Clinical Trials Risk Assessment Considerations
    • Decentralized Clinical Trials Data Flow Maps

    May 2021 – International Clinical Trials Day

    • International Clinical Trials Day Trivia
    • ACRO Chair featured in The New Scientist

    May 2021 – ACRO’s Published New RBM Report

    • Risk-based Monitoring in Clinical Trials: Past, Present & Future

    January 2021 – Covid Vaccines, Diversity & Inclusion and More…

      • ACRO drafts letters to ACIP, NGA, ASTH, and DHSC on COVID Vaccine Distribution
      • Introducing ACRO’s new Diversity and Inclusion Committee
      • ACRO Welcomes Saama Technologies
      • 2021 ACRO Officers

    October 2020 – ACRO in ACTION, TMAP, Science37 and More

      • ACRO in ACTION: Insights from COVID-era
      • Realizing the Promise of Decentralized Trials
      • ACRO’s Technology Innovation Working Group
      • ACRO Welcomes Science37
      • RBQM Session at Medidata NEXT

    September 2020 –New Framework to Advance Decentralized Trials 

      • ACRO Members Create New Framework to Advance Decentralized Trials
      • ACRO DCT White Paper: A New Quality-by-Design, Risk-Based Framework
      • Decentralized Trials Working Party Toolkit

    May 2020 – International Clinical Trials Day

      • Celebrating International Clinical Trials Day
      • Sample Social Media

    April 2020 – Special Edition: ACRO’s COVID-19 Resources

      • ACRO Resources on COVID-19
      • Congress Passes COVID-19 Stimulus Package

    March 2020 – Senate Health Committee, EUCROF, and More 

      • ACRO in Action
      • ACRO Executive Director Doug Peddicord speaks at EUCROF
      • Legislative Update

    December 2019 – RBM Research and More From ACRO

      • Signant Health Becomes Newest ACRO Member
      • 2020 Board Officers Elected
      • New White Papers on RBM and RBQM
      • ACRO Hosts Congressional Briefing

    October 2019 – A Summer of Tech Innovation in Clinical Trials

      • ACRO meets with Acting FDA Commissioner and HHS Deputy Secretary
      • CRO Forum plans RBM “Best Practices” workshop at SCRS 2019
      • Industry Pain Points Committee plans for 2020
      • ACRO and Congressional Research and Development Caucus to hold October Congressional Briefing

    July 2019 – Insight into Oversight

      • ACRO calls for adoption of RBM as industry best practice
      • CRO Forum develops working group paper on trial oversight
      • FDA’s public workshop on RBM
      • CFO Roundtable experts meet with Treasury on Section 59A Proposed Regulations

    February 2019 – A 2018 recap and an exciting year ahead

    • ACRO welcomes new members!
    • We’re talking Decentralized Trials at SCRS Europe 2019
    • CFO Roundtable comments on proposed BEAT rule
    • European Scientific & Regulatory Committee roundup
    • 2018 UK roundtables wrap with 6 policy proposals
    • Addressing ‘Industry Pain Points’
    • ACRO’s Executive Director becomes Chair of CDISC Board
    • A tech-centered view: Looking ahead at 2019
    • Become an ACRO Member!

    July 2018 – Welcome and updates

    • ACRO members talk UK competitiveness, Brexit and more, with NHS
    • ACRO and SCRS host Risk-Based Monitoring webinar series
    • New video and infographic!
    • British MP Benn talks Brexit challenges and the future of UK clinical research industry
    • Alleviation of industry pain points
    • ACRO hosts discussion of new accounting standards
    • Committee grapples with new challenges posed by GDPR
    • ACRO European regulatory committee connects CRO expertise to EU Portal and Database

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