ACRO advocates as the collective voice of innovative clinical research and technology organizations to regulators and policymakers, educating stakeholders and shaping policies that foster efficient, effective and safe conduct of clinical research.


We envision an environment where the contribution of our member companies’ expertise and innovation play a key role in optimizing biomedical product development, enabling the delivery of better medicines to patients.


Founded in 2002, ACRO represents the world’s leading clinical research and technology organizations, which provide specialized services that are integral to the development of drugs, biologics and medical devices.

ACRO and its members advocate on a global basis for safe, ethical, high-quality medical research so patients can benefit from the development of new treatments and therapies. Our members are dedicated to helping their clients bring efficiency, innovation and value to the clinical research process.

The Association of Clinical Research Organizations is organized as a non-profit trade association under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States.


ACRO members:

  • Advance clinical outsourcing to improve the quality, efficiency and safety of biomedical research
  • Conduct thousands of clinical trials around the world while ensuring the safety of nearly 2 million research participants
  • Strengthen public understanding and confidence in clinical research, highlighting member company expertise in all aspects of the clinical research enterprise

ACRO is a leading voice for safe and ethical clinical trials, working with stakeholders globally to promote a better and more efficient clinical trial process. We are dedicated to bringing efficiency, innovation and value to the clinical research process and to highlighting the important contribution that clinical research and technology companies make as partners in the development of new medicines and new treatments that benefit millions of patients worldwide.


ACRO maintains various alliances with related associations, clinical research and drug development coalitions, as well as government agencies around the world, as we work to advance clinical research.

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