Risk-Based Monitoring

Risk-based monitoring is an adaptive approach that directs monitoring focus and activities to the evolving areas of greatest need which have the most potential to impact patient safety and data quality.

Thought Leadership on RBQM

Since 2019, ACRO has run an annual landscape survey of RBM and RBQM implementation in the clinical research industry and produced a yearly report on its findings. 

In 2023, ACRO released its latest publication, drawing on the takeaways from our 2021 landscape survey of RBM and RBQM implementation and building upon three years of survey data. In addition to their report published in DIA’s Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science journal, ACRO’s RBQM Working Group also published their 2023 RBQM Summary Report, highlighting the key takeaways from three years of ACRO’s RBQM survey. 

Along with two previous reports highlighting insights from the 2019 and 2020 landscape surveys, in October 2019, ACRO released two white papers featuring insights and recommendations for further implementation of RBM. 

Explore ACRO’s RBQM resources below.

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