Majority of Americans Open to Clinical Trial Participation If Recommended by a Doctor, New Study Finds

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) applauds Research!America for a recently released survey on the public’s perception of clinical trials. The study, funded in part by ACRO and conducted by Zogby Analytics, surveyed 1,000 adults nationwide in July 2017 and found that an overwhelming majority (86%) believe that doctors should discuss clinical trials with patients as part of standard care.

Three-quarters of survey respondents feel that participating in clinical trials is as important to public health as giving blood. Additionally, over half believe that the federal government should provide tax incentives, as many other countries do, for trials run in the U.S.

“Recently we were pleased to host Congressman Patrick Meehan at our facility for a conversation about the enormous advances in clinical trials research facilitated by new technologies,” said Bioclinica President and CEO, John Hubbard, who is the 2017 Chairman of ACRO. “The Congressman recognizes the importance of the life sciences to our region and our country, and ACRO very much appreciates his introduction of H.R. 1234, the Domestic Research Enhancement Act.”

The survey saw an increase from 2013 in the percentage of the public willing to share personal health information such as their medical records to advance research, from 73% to 82%. Notable was the finding that 72% of those who took part in the survey would be willing to use technology such as phones, apps, and monitoring devices to share their personal health data for clinical research.

Of special interest to clinical researchers was the finding that 81% of people would be likely to participate in a clinical trial if it was recommended by their doctor, up 9% from 2013; however, less than 20% report that their doctor has ever talked to them about the possibility of participating in a clinical trial.

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