ACRO in ACTION: Insights from the COVID-era

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked extraordinary activity in the clinical research and technology industry. Urgency has driven evolution: The industry has adapted, taken risks and innovated – with changes large and small – in response to a global crisis. Check out our series of blog posts, interviews, and videos from our members companies on how they have adapted and innovated in the COVID-era. 

Warping the speed of vaccine development

Ironically, the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine program did not take “Operation Warp Speed” funding. Even more ironic is the fact that Pfizer got there first. For a global public eagerly awaiting approved products, all that really matters is that it…

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A ‘Holy Grail Moment’ for Clinical Research

It was a familiar scenario: A rare disease area of oncology. A new drug candidate. A desire to assess efficacy as safely and quickly as possible, so that if successful, a new therapy could get approved and change lives….
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Seeing progress through the eyes of patients

For the clinical research industry, technological tools improve trial continuity, and generate data that helps power more robust monitoring of safety and quality. They can also be a natural fit for patients. IQVIA also sees study participants liking the…
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Are we ready for holistic, virtual access?

Diverse technology solutions, like patient telehealth visits, accessing electronic medical records (EMRs) or remote source data verification, can generate vast amounts of data. As the clinical research industry evolves towards its next “new normal” with a higher baseline level…
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A new fight sees new tools and new challenges

A key pillar in the COVID-19 battle is the rapid development of a safe and effective vaccine. As vaccine R&D shifted into gear and then accelerated throughout 2020, with a rapidly growing number of candidates, platforms and manufacturers, it…
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When technology may be the easy part

In the 10 weeks following the US’ declaration of a pandemic crisis, hospital ER visits declined for conditions like heart attacks and strokes. Simultaneously, based on clinical trials in the Medidata ecosystem, new subject enrollment declined 30%. But also…
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The need for new paradigms

“The pandemic has changed everything about the pace of our innovation and our focus,” says Peyton Howell, EVP and Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer at Parexel. There used to be lots of caution around using real-world data and evidence,…
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