COVID-19 Member Corner

ACRO and its members are committed to helping speed the clinical trial process and the development of safe and effective therapies for COVID-19. Take a look at some of the stories below to see how our member companies are responding to this crisis.

ACRO member companies have responded strongly to a call from the British Government for assistance in staffing COVID-19 testing centers across England. More information: here.

IQVIA Video: Executive Briefing – COVID-19 Update

Updated: June 29, 2020

Original: June 29, 2020

ERT Report: Digital Health Patient eBook

Updated: May 18, 2020

Original: May 18, 2020

IQVIA Blogpost: Breaking the Code of COVID-19

Updated: May 12, 2020

Original: May 12, 2020

IQVIA Report: COVID-19 UK Market Intelligence Report

Updated: May 12, 2020

Original: May 12, 2020

Veeva White Paper: Guidance for Remote Monitoring

Updated: May 8, 2020

Original: May 8, 2020

IQVIA Blogpost: Clinical Risk Management and COVID-19

Updated: May 6, 2020

Original: May 6, 2020

ICON White Paper: Pandemic respiratory vaccine clinical trials

Updated: April 30, 2020

Original: April 30, 2020

ICON Blogpost: The impact of COVID-19 on pharmacovigilance

Updated: April 29, 2020

Original: April 29, 2020

PPD Blogpost: Responding to COVID-19 Continuity Challenges

Updated: April 24, 2020

Original: April 24, 2020

IQVIA Video: IQVIA Global Executive Briefing on COVID-19

Updated: April 22, 2020

Original: April 22, 2020

PRA Health Sciences Blogpost: COVID-19 Industry Watch

Updated: April 19, 2020

Original: April 19, 2020

ICON Blogpost: Diagnostics on the frontlines of COVID-19

Updated: April 17, 2020

Original: April 17, 2020

ICON Factsheet: In-Home Alternative Site Clinical Solutions

Updated: April 12, 2020

Original: April 12, 2020

ICON Blogpost: COVID-19 vaccine trials

Updated: April 6, 2020

Original: April 6, 2020

Veeva Blogpost: When Time is of the Essence – Fast Tracking Claims

Updated: February 12, 2020

Original: February 12, 2020

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