Decentralized Clinical Trials

In October 2019, ACRO established the Decentralized Clinical Trials Working Party to examine the barriers to adoption of DCTs and create quality-based principles and tools to facilitate implementation of decentralized clinical trials.

Thought Leadership on DCTs

ACRO’s DCT Toolkit includes four resources: (1) a detailed QbD Manual for DCTs; (2) an accessible, quick-reference QbD Manual; (3) a Risk Assessment Considerations template; and (4) DCT Data Flow Maps. In addition to the DCT Toolkit, ACRO’s White Paper provides an overview of key issues in the decentralization of clinical trials

Advancing DCTs

ACRO members are dedicated to helping bring quality-based principles, risk-assessment tools, and patient-centricity to the decentralized trials process.

Explore some of ACRO’s additional DCT resources: