Global Data Protection & Privacy

Preparing for an increasingly data-linked future.

The clinical research industry is preparing for an increasingly data-linked future.

ACRO’s GDPP Committee connects representatives of Member companies with a range of stakeholders on important issues of privacy, data protection and data security. The Committee’s efforts focus on how the industry interprets policies and prepares for upcoming legislation. This engagement enables Members to give input into policy decisions and define best practices that comply with current standards. The Committee is helping to shape the environment in which we work.

The committee meets 3-4 times per year in London, UK, where it convenes subject matter experts from member companies, data protection authorities, EFPIA and IPMPC to discuss key issues, including:

  • Consent
  • Transparency
  • Secondary use of data
  • Transfer of data outside EU
  • Accountability
  • Pseudonymization / Anonymization
  • Joint data controllers
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Breach reporting
  • Electronic signatures
  • Code of conduct for using personal data for health research
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