Risk-based Monitoring in Clinical Trials: Increased Adoption Throughout 2020

ACRO’s new RBQM report provides a comprehensive update on the RBM implementation landscape, using the results of ACRO’s latest 2020 landscape survey results.

With the emergence of new technologies for data collection, the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the increasing number of partially or fully decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), the importance of risk-based monitoring (RBM) and the larger risk-based quality management (RBQM) framework in clinical trial management has never been more important.

ACRO’s just published paper, “Risk-Based Monitoring in Clinical Trials: Increased Adoption Throughout 2020,” reports on the takeaways from our 2020 landscape survey of RBM and RBQM implementation and builds on the results from our 2019 survey findings. The paper discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted adoption of RBM and what the keys are to unlocking the full potential of RBQM.

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