Risk-Based Monitoring

Risk-based monitoring is an adaptive approach that directs monitoring focus and activities to the evolving areas of greatest need which have the most potential to impact patient safety and data quality.

Thought Leadership on RBQM

In March 2022, ACRO released a new analytical report on the takeaways from our 2020 landscape survey of RBM and RBQM implementation. This report builds on the results from our 2019 survey findings. 

In April 2021, ACRO released a new analytical report highlighting significant shifts in remote monitoring during COVID-19.

In October 2019, ACRO released two white papers featuring insights and recommendations for further implementation of RBM.


Advancing RBM

ACRO members have made significant investments to advance RBM. From reshaping and bolstering their workforce to support this growth to developing diverse, cross-functional solutions, to incorporating new and updated methods to support and improve RBM across clinical research.

Explore some of ACRO’s additional RBM resources: