ACRO is committed to helping speed the clinical trial process and the development of safe and effective therapies. Take a look at some of ACRO’s initiatives.

OPINION: Clinical Trials in the Spotlight: How to Solidify the Progress Made

ACRO Executive Director Doug Peddicord drafted an Op-Ed piece for Morning Consult about the spotlight put on the clinical trial process since the COVID-19 vaccine began its development and the future of clinical trials. Read the full piece here.

ACRO Members Heed the UK Government’s Call for Volunteers in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

ACRO member companies have responded strongly to a call from the British Government for assistance in staffing COVID-19 testing centers across England. More information: here.

ACRO’s Considerations on Monitoring During COVID-19

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ACRP Spotlight: What Will the Clinical Trial Workforce Look Like a Year from Now?

Decentralized Trials

In October 2019, ACRO established the Decentralized Clinical Trials Working Party to examine the barriers to adoption of DCTs and create quality-based principles and tools to facilitate implementation of decentralized clinical trials. Read more here.