How much do you know about Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM)

Risk based monitoring is an adaptive approach that directs monitoring focus and activities to the evolving areas of greatest need which have the most potential to impact patient safety and data quality.

How much do you know about Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM)?

This webinar series from ACRO’s CRO Forum and The Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) aims to educate clinical research sites and practitioners about the next steps of the RBM odyssey. If you need to get up to speed on RBM, ICH E6 R2 and the impacts it will have on your site, don’t miss this series.

Introducing RBM: A Webinar Series

In 2017, ICH E6 R2 introduced a world of technology to a 20-year old guideline and increased the industry’s focus on efficiency and quality. The series will explore what RBM means for sites by explaining the evolution of centralized, RBM, examine the growing pains and more. The goal of the series is to foster dialogue and awareness between CROs, sponsors and sites. Over 4 modules, watch presentations from PPDBioclinicaCovanceSyneos HealthPRAIQVIA, and ICON, including perspectives from site reps and more.

Module 1: Establishing Our Trajectory: An Overview and Assessment of the Impact of ICH E6 R2 on Sites and Sponsors

View the slides for Module 1.

Module 2: What Could Go Wrong? ICH E6 R2, Investigative Sites and Risk Assessment

View the slides for Module 2.

Module 3: What’s Behind the Curtain? Centralized Monitoring Unveiled

View the slides for Module 3.

Module 4: An Exploration of Risk Based Monitoring from the Site Perspective

View the slides for Module 4.

For more about this series and other webinars, visit SCRS.

Risk Based Monitoring: What does it mean for sites? A webinar and cross-functional expert panel

Presented by Trancelerate Biopharma Inc., this webinar focuses on how RBM benefits clinical trial sites and gives attendees the opportunity to interact live with an expert panel of sponsor, site and CRO experts. The webinar is intended for Investigator Sites, Contract Research Organizations, TransCelerate Member & Non-Member Sponsor Companies.

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