The Global Clinical Research Industry’s Commitment to COVID-19 Collaboration

ACRO and its members are committed to collaborating with regulators and biopharmaceutical organizations worldwide to develop vaccines and anti-viral therapies to prevent, diagnose, and treat COVID-19. The expertise and innovation of ACRO member companies helps speed the clinical trial process and the development of safe and effective therapies. ACRO’s clinical research and technology companies are supporting trials in real-time to address this global public health outbreak.

ACRO supports our member companies as they strongly recommend that their employees be fully vaccinated as quickly as possible.

ACRO’s Recommendations in order to Support Clinical Trial Monitoring Oversight During COVID-19

On 13 March, 2020, ACRO released a list of considerations that support clinical trial monitoring oversight during COVID-19. ACRO recommends that sponsors, clinical research sites, CROs and technology companies use these emergency interim measures so that clinical trial monitoring is maintained during the current public health crisis. These recommendations will ensure that data quality is unaffected, clinical trial sites are supported, and that the patients enrolled in clinical trials are kept safe.

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ACRO releases early impact data on how COVID-19 impacted clinical trial monitoring

In April 2020, ACRO collected some early data indicating the extent that the COVID-19 crisis impacted clinical trial monitoring. This is a snapshot in time from April 2020 and shows drastic shifts at the site-level.

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 ACRO in ACTION: Insights from the COVID-era

Our new series focuses on how ACRO members have adapted and innovated during the COVID-19 pandemic and how this has sparked positive long-term change in the industry.

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